Monday, May 2, 2011

A "Bronx" Tale

Lots of things get weighed, prioritized and re-prioritized when deciding where you are going to live.

Sometimes, if you're lucky, you get a sign – perhaps from above – letting you know you’re on the right track. The right road, if you will.

A few weeks ago, we got so lucky. 

As Clay and I drove around the North Atlanta Metro area, we saw our very own sign:
BB's Bronx Bagels.
Voted "Best Bagels in Atlanta."
This is it, we thought. This is where we’re supposed to live!

Short commute? Yes. Good schools? Thankfully. Two Waffle Houses right down the street? You betcha. Best bagels in Atlanta? HELL TO THE YES!

In New York, bagels were a weekend tradition. After worshipping in church, I worshipped at the altar of simple carbs. But after landing in Birmingham, this tradition came to a sudden halt.

See, I'm of the opinion that no bagel is better than a fake bagel, so I've been bagel-less for about five months now. Too, too long.

So, this weekend, we did a church and bagel double feature.
770 McFarland Pkwy., Alpharetta, GA
As soon as we walked in, this place spoke to me. More signs, this time welcoming me in... and welcoming me home.

This sign, however, truly clinched the New York-iness of the joint:
Just as you'd expect for a place boasting the city's best bagels, BB's was packed. But the long line moved quickly; too quickly for me to even look at all the different bagel and cream cheese options.
Kit Kat cream cheese?
I feel as though a gauntlet has been thrown. I accept the challenge.
No matter, though. I decided the best way for me to judge was to compare apples with apples.

Or, more precisely, Everything bagels with Everything bagels.
Now, this is what I call a bagel.
BB's Everything with Veggie Cream Cheese.
The Everything with Veggie is my go-to bagel. I'll occasionally branch out with a Pumpernickel or a Cinnamon Raisin, but at the end of the day, the Everything is my fave. 

Back home I sat down to my bagel. The crust looked perfectly crisp, the inside perfectly soft. Still I was dubious. 

BB’s is very clear about their “Authentic, New York, Hand-Rolled, Kettle-Boiled Bagels, made fresh every day” process, but to have good bagels so close to us (and us being so far away from New York) felt too good to be true.

But, by all the angels and saints in heaven, it is perfectly true.
Love at first bite.
You can tell how good it is by my elevated right eyebrow.
A "thumbs up" from my fellow bagel aficionado.
Livvie's on board the BB's train.
Fletcher, not so much. I had to make him a peanut butter and jelly.
I blame this on his leaving Brooklyn at just 13 months.

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