Friday, April 1, 2011

An Inconvenient Truth: Moving Sucks

I’m tired.

I’ve spent the past few days packing, stacking and lugging boxes. And boxes. And boxes.

And though the U-Haul is full to bursting now, I’ve got a full day of unloading – followed by several more days of unpacking – boxes. And boxes. And, you guessed it, boxes.
This is the 26' monstrosity currently in the driveway.
Get yours at
Moving is an exciting, wearying and stressful thing. There is much to do and, it seems, even more to buy.

So, as I stand at the back of the truck, with my boxes like an enormous barricade between me and sanity, I wish for one very New York thing: Fresh Direct.
Sadly, I don't think they make the trip to Cumming, GA.
You see, much of my life is currently packed in Fresh Direct boxes. Cardboard that once held watermelons, pork chops and Rosa Mexicana Pomegranate-Black Bean salsa now holds scrapbooks, kitchen utensils and our (mostly Disney) DVD collection.
Best. Salsa. Ever.
Yet, when those boxes are finally empty, the house may look full, but the cabinets will still be barren. A new kitchen needs new foodstuffs. And these ‘stuffs aren’t the fun stuff, either: flour, sugar, detergent, and prunes. (Yes, prunes.)
Prunes: they do a body good.
I love grocery shopping. I love supermarkets, mini-markets and, especially, Fresh Markets. I love to squeeze and sniff my produce, carefully inspecting everything to make sure that I have exactly what I want.

But right now I have no time to obsess over the ripeness of avocadoes. I just want Fresh Direct to send me some of their pre-made guac. And some parbaked ciabatta rolls. Ooh, and Tabla samosas. Yes, yes, definitely the samosas.

That way I can still eat like a champ and use that extra time – time otherwise spent trying to find the taco mix and deciding which checkout line is least likely to make me scream – to multi-task the multitude of “to do’s” on my list.

Fresh Direct is a convenience… And right now I could use a little convenience. 


Rachel said...

Is this your April Fool's Post? Or are you REALLY moving? Either way, best of luck! :)

Kate said...

No, I moved to Atlanta today. I've been on a nine-month job search, and last week I accepted a great job in Roswell. I start on a few weeks. Still TBD: how this will affect blogging frequency.

ajlounyinjurylaw said...

You'll be back, Brooklyn is a great place to live. You'll miss home.