Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

Sometimes, as a mom, you see something that needs doing, and you realize that you are, most likely, the best person to do it.

So, you go ahead and eat some of that Halloween candy.

After all, there are still bags of candy from October, December (Christmas) and February (Valentine’s Day) in the pantry, and Easter looms ahead.

Where would you put the Bunny bonanza if you didn’t make some room?
Yes, I laid a finger on Olivia's Butterfinger. It's my job.
(gimme some oven! has a delicious recipe for Butterfinger Ice Cream.)
And that, in a candy wrapper, is how I ended up with a mouthful of Butterfinger today.

Honestly, I don’t want the kids to eat too much sugar. Therefore, it is my solemn duty to make sure they eat their vegetables and I eat their sweets.
The kids ate green beans in the kitchen while I hid in the laundry room and ate candy,
Get nutritional info at Elements4Health.
The overall health of our household is much improved when the kids get their daily vitamins, and I get my daily chocolate. (Please note: “health” covers not just physical but psychological conditions as well, e.g., the grumps.)
This is my "usual" daily chocolate.
But even with my eating a “healthy” portion of the pot, we still have piles of candy left over. These piles used to go to the studio with me.

Candy is always in high demand on a set, and with a few carefully placed calls (writers’ office, P.A.'s office, Tommy), we could knock out a bag in a morning.

Without an office – and more specifically, without a minimum wage-earning intern – this candy is left at my house. The pantry is at maximum capacity, and I must make room for Starburst jellybeans.

And pastel M&M’s.
I know they taste the same as regular M&M's, but they seem different and special. I like that.
via marce_garal's flickr.
And a couple of Cadbury Cream Eggs (British only).

The clock is ticking. Peter Cottontail is hoppin’ down the bunny trail. 
Get your copy here.
I'd better get a move on.

Or hire an intern.


smagann said...

Glad I'm not the only mom sneaking the candy in the pantry! :)

Rachel said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your philosophy of familial nutrition. Naptime is my prime-chocolate-consuming time. It makes me a better Mom.

Kate said...

It - without a doubt - makes us better moms. Think how cranky you are when you're denying yourself? Then think how cranky you are when the kids are whining. That is not a winning equation. Better to remove the denial and add the chocolate.